Ginshiro Toyama
Ginshiro Toyama Profile
Japanese name: 遠山 銀司郎

(Tōyama Ginshirō)

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relatives: Wife (unnamed)

Kazuha Toyama (daughter)

Occupation: Police Detective
First appearance: Manga: File 185

Anime: Episode 118

Appearances: Chapters: 8

Episodes: 2
Movies: 3
Openings: 1

Keyhole number: Volume 31
Japanese voice: Masato Sako (Episode 118)

Shinji Ogawa (Episode 263, Movies 10 & 14)

Ginshiro Toyama (遠山 銀司郎 Tōyama Ginshirō), also known as Chief Thomas in the Funimation dub, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. Toyama is the Chief Criminal Investigator (or Chief Detective) in the Osaka police district, and is close friends with the police chief of Osaka, Heizo Hattori. It is due to their friendship that Toyama's daughter, Kazuha, met Heizo's son, Heiji. Very little is known about Detective Toyama, though his first name was finally revealed in The Lost Ship in the Sky.


Little is known about Detective Toyama's past. Fans originally speculated as to whether Kazuha's parents are divorced or her mother has died, as her mother remained unmentioned until episode 573.


Picture Name What they call Ginshiro What Ginshiro calls them
Heizo Hattori Heizo Hattori Toyama -
Goro Otaki Goro Otaki - Otaki

Plot overviewEdit

Ginshiro Toyama has played a minor supporting role in several cases taking place in Osaka, his home city. He appears to be Police Chief Heizo Hattori's closest friend. Toyama once joked that he would prefer for Kazuha to marry Heiji Hattori than any other boy.

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Ginshiro Toyama is very protective of his daughter. Once, when Heiji dared yell at her, he glared at him until he stopped and said everything very politely.

Name originEdit

The name Toyama comes from Edo period "police detective" Kagetomo Toyama (遠山 景元 Tooyama Kagetomo). Ginshiro is a play on Kinshiro (金四郎), the first name of the main character in the fictionalized Toyama no Kin-san stories based on the historic Toyama's life.


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