Season 16 aired from February 26, 2007 to December 17, 2007.

List of episodesEdit

The following is a list of episodes for Season 16.

|- | colspan="8" style="background: #5bbd53; height: 3px; padding:0px;"| |- | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"|309-311 | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"| - | style="background:#efead7;"|Contact with the Black Organization (1 Hour Special) (Remastered) | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"|December 17, 2007 | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"| | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"|[35] [36] | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"|V37 - F8 ~ V38 - F1 | style="text-align:center; background:#efead7;"|Coin locker |- | colspan="8" style="padding:5px;"|Akai immediately recognizes Ran from the New York case, wondering why whenever he sees her, she is crying. Later, Conan heads to Agasa's home to see the floppy, which seems like a normal diary at first. However, after highlighting suspiciously blank portions of the floppy, Conan and Agasa discover that the man indeed has ties to the Black Organizatiopn. Agasa and Conan both head to the man's house in Gunma to investigate, and discover that it is bugged in numerous places. Vodka calls the house, leaving a message asking for the program that the man was making, and decides to come out prompty. Conan is able to convince him to meet him at a certain place in a few hours, to deliver the program. Agasa and Conan escape, but their tire is flat, and they are picked up by two people in a fancy car. Conan suspiciously notices that the driver has no idea how to operate the car. The car is stopped by a road block set up by Detective Yamamura who says that he is looking for two bank robbers and kidnappers, whom he shot in a case a few hours before. Conan finally realizes who the people are. After more driving, Conan confronts the two criminals. The criminals try to escape, but Conan is able to capture them in time. He then boldly tries to meet with Gin and Vodka at the place, and hides in a locker, placing a tracker on Vodka's shoe. Gin discovers this, and prompty destroys it. Conan passes out in the locker, only to be woken up by Haibara later that morning.{| style="margin: 15px; border: 1px dotted #5BBD53; border-collapse: collapse; background: #edf8e3" | style="border: none; padding-right: 10px;"|[37] Conan obtains Agasa's newest invention: the Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt. |- | style="border: none; padding-right: 10px;"|[38] Conan discovers a link between Suguru Itakura and the Black Organization. While investigating Itakura's house in Gunma, Conan and Agasa are surprised by a phone call from Vodka, asking for Itakura's program. Conan uses Itakura's voice to arrange a meeting with him. He then tries to trick Vodka into leaving his fingerprints, but the trap is discovered by Gin, who tells Vodka that the cunning fox who set this up must be nearby. Both of them search for him without success, and Gin begins to open lockers, stopping at the one Conan was hiding in, because "there's no way an adult could fit inside". |} |- | colspan="8" style="background: #5bbd53; height: 3px; padding:0px;"| |}

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