Volume 52
Volume 52
Release date: January 16, 2006
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-120026-5
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole

Detective 52 Robert Ironside

Keyhole 52 Misae Yamamura
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
Aoyama 52
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Volume 52 was released on January 16, 2006 in Japan.




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Star Blade CaseEdit

Anime Episode 453: Preview Screening of Fate and Friendship

File 533 - Suspicious Action!? Edit

File 534 - Connection Sneak Peek Edit

People Edit

Fake Wedding CaseEdit

Anime Episode 449: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story - Fake Wedding

File 535 - Wedding Hall Panic Edit

File 536 - The Uninvited Guest Edit

File 537 - Wedding Battle Edit

People Edit

Overturned Belongings CaseEdit

Anime Episode 454-455: The Overturned Conclusion

File 538 - Out of Ordinary Room Edit

File 539 - Upside Down Mystery Edit

File 540 - The Thing He Wanted to Hide Edit

People Edit

Sonoko's Handkerchief CaseEdit

Anime Episode 457-458: Sonoko's Red Handkerchief

Characters introduced Edit

File 541 - Sonoko's Red Handkerchief Edit

Sonoko takes Ran and Conan to a marple forest in Gumna to imitate a scene from a popular tv-drama for her new romantic plan involving Makoto. She wants to tied up a red handkerchief, so she can meet up with Makoto there. But unfortunately they discover that other fans of the drama has gotten the same idea and tied up red handkerchiefs themselves. They then meet a man claimed to have inspired the drama by having found a red handkerchief tied to a tree in the same forest and told the writer who used it in the drama. He tells them that he has been asked by a fan to find the original red handkerchief and asks Ran and Sonoko to leave a message in the guestbook at the inn, where the fan is staying. He tells them to sign it Hozumi in katakana. After Ran, Sonoko and Conan follows his request, they decides to go back to the forest, but there they find Hozumi murdered.

File 542 - Name in Katakana Edit

File 543 - Superman Edit

People Edit


  • The title for each chapter are worded as the following in Case Closed:
  • File 533 - Suspicious Behavior
  • File 534 - The Fateful Premiere
  • File 535 - Panic at the Wedding Hall
  • File 536 - The Uninvited Guest
  • File 537 - Wedding Battle
  • File 538 - The Topsy-Turvy Room
  • File 539 - The Upside-Down Mystery
  • File 540 - What He Wanted To Hide
  • File 541 - Serena's Red Handkerchief
  • File 542 - A Name in Katakana
  • File 543 - Superman

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