Opening 10
Mai Kuraki - Winter Bells
Title: Winter Bells
Artist: Mai Kuraki
Episodes: 259~270
CD Info
Release date: January 17, 2002
CDs: 1
Tracks: 4
Original Cost: 1,260円
CD Number: GZCA-2026
Record Label: GIZA studio
Oricon chart peak: #1(Daily)
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Winter Bells is a single by J-pop singer Mai Kuraki. The song is the 10th opening of the anime and manga franchise Detective Conan. The single itself was released on January 17, 2002, and was a smash hit, peaking at number one on both the daily and weekly charts, and barely went past the top fourty on the yearly charts, peaking at #41. The song itself sold over 258,000 copies, and the song is arguably one of Kuraki's most well known hits.

Detective Conan opening infoEdit




Stun-Gun Wristwatch Stun-Gun
Voice-Changing Bowtie Voice-Changing Bowtie

Conan's opening speechEdit


"ハートの中身はミステリー。二人に輝くStar & Snow!"

("The inside of the heart is a mystery. Stars and snow are all around us!")


Song infoEdit

Chart placementEdit

  • #1 (Daily)
  • #1 (Weekly)
  1. 41 (Yearly)


Shiroi yuki geshiki shiawase wo kazoeru
Beru no oto ga hibiku tokoro koso wa kimi wo sasoi
Futari dake no toki itsumo ienai kara
Chiisana kiss toki wo tomete kono mama
need your love tonight

Sagashite ita unmei no shunkan wo deatta kimi to futari
Omoidasu yuki no hoomu kimi no kage ga chiisakunaru

Zutto anata ni ageruyo winter bell
Mado ni tsumoru yuki ga
Futari wo chikazukeru yo day by day
Ima dakishimete

Toori sugiru kaze ni okubyou ni natteta yo
Taisetsu na kimi dakara ima demo
need your love tonight

Raito ga hikaru shunkan mirai wo shinjite itai futari
Yurete iru kyandoru ga mabushiku kono toki wo terasu

Zutto zutto matteita winter bell
Shizuka ni furu yuki ga
Futari wo yasashiku suru day and night
Ima dakishimete

Fuyu wa sugi atarashii kisetsu ga kuru kimi wo tsurete

Yozora ni todoku yo winter bell
Kirameku hoshi zora ni
Kono omoi wo kanaeru sweet star light
Hoshi furu yoru ni
Sou itsumademo

Counting the happiness in the white snow surrounding
The place where the bell rings lures you
I can't say it when we're alone
The small kiss stops time, I still
Need your love tonight

I met you while searching for the destined time and together
I remember your shadow becoming smaller in the snow home

I will give you the winter bell always
The snow that collects at the window
Brings us together day by day
Holding onto now

I was being very scared at the passing wind
Because you're important I still
Need your love tonight

Wanting to believe the time when the light will flash
The swaying candle light up this time brightly

I was waiting and waiting for the winter bell
The snow that falls quietly
Is kind to us day and night
Holding onto now

Winter passes and a new season comes, bringing you along

Reach the night sky winter bell
At the shining starry sky
The sweet star light will grant these feelings
On the night that star rains
Yes, always

幸せを数える ベルの音が響くよ
今宵こそは 君を誘い
いつも言えないから 小さなKISS
時間を止めて このまま
Need your love tonight

出逢った君と 二人
思い出す 雪のホーム
君の影が 小さくなる

ずっと あなたにあげるよ ウィンタ・ーベル
窓に積もる雪が 二人を近付けるよ Day by day
今 抱きしめて

大切な君だから 今でも
Need your love tonight

ライトが光る瞬間 未来を
信じていたい 二人
揺れている キャンドルが
眩しく このときを照らす

ずっと ずっと待っていた ウィンタ・ーベル
静かに降る雪が 二人を優しくする Day and night
今 抱きしめて…

冬が過ぎ 新しい季節が来る 君を連れて

Oh yes 夜空に届くよ ウィンタ・ーベル
煌めく星空に この想いを叶える Sweet Starlight
星降る夜に そういつまでも…

CD infoEdit

CD track listingEdit

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 Winter Bells Winter Bells Winter Bells 4:39
2 thankful thankful thankful 4:00
3 always~Gomi’s Lair Club Mix~ (Radio Edit) always ~Gomi’s Lair Club Mix~ (Radio Edit) always ~Gomi’s Lair Club Mix~ (Radio Edit) 4:40
4 Winter Bells (Instrumental) Winter Bells (Instrumental) Winter Bells (Instrumental) 4:37




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